Rites of Passage Guide

A Rite of Passage always involves a change of state from one phase to another. It can mark an important moment of life transition. I can support you to undergo a Rite of Passage which feels right and appropriate for you. This might be a classic Vision Fast or an immersive initiatory process designed to mark a significant threshold or moment in your life. I can also support you with ‘Intentional Walks’ and ‘Medicine Walks’ in nature. These processes are very powerful to move on from a stuck place, bring about change or create a significant life intention. They also involve a recognition of being a part of the entire system of life and all its beings.

In 2011, I undertook my first Vision Quest with David Wendl Berry of Earth Encounters. This lead to a growing interest in nature-based ritual and ceremony. In 2017, I trained as a Wilderness Rites of Passage Guide at the School of Lost Borders in California.

I co-guide an annual Rites of Passage programme for young women aged 18-25:  Woman Time with Jenny Archard. This takes place in Young Woods, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Devon. Woman Time is a 5-day nature immersion based on the teachings of the ‘Four Shields’ which includes an overnight solo in the woods.

I guide ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ a rite of passage for Women Artists. This is a 7-day creative process which includes a dawn til dusk fasting solo and takes place in mid Wales.

I assist on guiding Vision Quests with David Wendl Berry Earth Encounters. This classic form of Vision Fast includes time spent in council and a four day/night fasting solo in nature with minimal shelter.

I support individuals who wish to undertake a ‘Medicine Walk’, marking a ‘severing’ from, being on the ‘threshold’ of, or ‘incorporating’ significant life events, choices and challenges.

Annwn Foundation

I am a student of Ian Rees, the Western Mystery Tradition and an Associate of the Annwn Foundation having completed a 2 year Awen Training on working with the deep imagination. Since then I have committed to further in depth work with Ian on creativity, transformation and the embodied imagination.

Contact me for a conversation on how I might be able to work with you on fernismith @ gmail.com


I can work with you to plan a wedding, funeral or unique celebration, ritual or ceremony. I can also be your celebrant on the day.

I trained with Dead Good Guides in 2000 and again in 2012 and have been a celebrant for weddings and funerals. My passion is to work with people to create appropriate ceremonies and celebrations which have significance and are unique, respecting and reflecting the wishes of all those involved. I have worked with people to plan their own funerals and alongside families and couples to create meaningful services and ceremonies after their loved ones have passed. I have undertaken training as a CRUSE Bereavement Counsellor.

Contact me for a conversation on how I might be able to work with you on fernismith @ gmail.com


In July 2018, I went camping for a week with a group of women I had never met before. What I thought would be a relaxing getaway from the fuss and noise of London, turned out to be a deeply nourishing return to myself. Jenny and Fern have crafted an exquisite, immersive experience that allows young women to follow the wisdom of ceremony to connect more deeply to themselves, their environment and their community. I arrived in the woods as a stranger; in joining their circle of open-minded, big-hearted women, I left with new friends to journey with on the path to a deeper, more connected life.

Woman Time Participant

Fern is an outstanding facilitator, holding the space for the group and enabling me to reclaim my joy and re-establish my creative practice.

Who Do You Think You Are? Participant

Fern Smith elegantly and expertly holds space for participants to explore their creative intentions and both restore and “re-story” their connection to natural and mythological worlds.


Fern is a very present guide. Warm hearted and with her sparkling spirit she created a space during our programme where I connected to the beauty of Wales’ coastline and nature and to our small community. All these mirrors, movement and sound helped me connect in a deeper way to my own soul journey. I am feeling grateful for that, Fern.