Facilitation & Leadership

I am an experienced facilitator who runs inspiring, bespoke sessions and trainings which incorporate reflection, dialogue, visioning, and working with the ‘head, heart, and hands’. I draw on different facilitation methods depending on the needs and interest of the group. I can work with you and your group to facilitate a process, organise a creative conversation, or to bring different stake-holders together in an inspiring, effective way to support reflection, dialogue and action.

I am a Fellow of the Clore Leadership Programme and was Clore Fellow for Wales in 2009/10. During this time, I encountered new forms of leadership and systems thinking, and experienced first-hand the power of facilitation.

I studied a variety of facilitation techniques as Clore Fellow for Wales, and have continued to deepen my training since then. I undertook a short course on Eco-facilitation methods at Schumacher College in 2010 which included Open Space, World Café, Way of Council and Constellation Work. I subsequently undertook a full-length modular training – the Facilitation Development Adventure – with Jenny Mackewn and Chris Johnston (co-author of ‘Active Hope’). This involved training to facilitate ‘The Work That Re-connects’. This is a powerful process developed by eco-psychologist Joanna Macy to connect with inner values and emotional responses to engender positive change in the world.

I am inspired by Arnold Mindell’s Process Work and the ‘Deep Democracy of Open Forums’. I followed his written work for many years, participating in WorldWork 2017 as well as undertaking a Leadership and Facilitation intensive training in Community and Conflict Transformation with Processworkuk in 2018. I have also trained with ICA:UK in Group Facilitation Methods in 2011.

I am inspired by the work of Margaret Wheatley, author of many books including ‘Leadership and the New Science’ and by Otto Scharmer’s ‘U Theory’.  I have undertaken a number of short courses at Schumacher College, including with Fritjov Capra, author of ‘The Systems View of Life’. This work inspired me to develop Emergence and to curate a series of conferences and public events in the arts in Wales influenced by ideas of systemic change. You can find out more about the work of Emergence here.

Contact me for a conversation on how I might be able to work with you on fernismith @ gmail.com


I also offer talks on leadership and run practical experiential sessions inspired by the guiding principle that ‘everyone is a leader’. These are suitable for students, artists, activists and businesses committed to creating a life-sustaining planet.  I have given talks and run practical sessions on leadership, personal and planetary change, and ‘Greening Theatre’ at Julies Bicycle regional meetings, CINARS, WILLOW (Women & Leadership in Wales) and various Emergence events.

Workshop Leader

I have over 30 years’ experience running workshops on physical theatre, voice, improvisation and personal development. My current workshops involve: creativity; the embodied imagination; finding and committing to our true vocation in the world; and nature, spirit, and soul connection. I run and administer my own workshops and residencies, and am open to outside invitations and collaborations.

I am a graduate of Psyche & Soma, the Sesame Drama & Movement for Therapists training run by Mary Smail. I have also undertaken a number of workshops with Dramatherapist Paul Rebillot on ‘The Hero’s Journey’ and ‘The Shadow’. In my decades at Volcano I worked with many of the leading voice and theatre practitioners of the day including Frankie Armstrong, Kristin Linklater, Noah Pikes, Nigel Charnock, Liz Aggis, Ken Campbell, Test Department, Steven Berkoff and Kathryn Hunter.

Contact me for a conversation on how I might be able to work with you on fernismith @ gmail.com

I have facilitated workshops and creative programmes for:

  • Welsh Government & Natural Resources Wales on arts based approaches to collaboration, 2018
  • Early Stage Researchers as part of Cardiff University’s PhD programme SUSPLACE, 2018
  • Business Students at University of Wales Trinity St David’s, 2017/18
  • Swansea University Sustainability Programme, 2017
  • Grass-roots/local groups for the COP Climate Process in Swansea, 2016
  • World Stage Design Festival Sustainability World Café, 2015
  • Community artists and activists in Tipperary, 2013 & 2014
  • Emergence Wales wide events 2010 – 2017


Really good session. Interesting approach and I have new tools to take away…

Great workshop. Some fantastic new tools for the co-production and facilitation tool box. Good to have the space to think about these things….

Great session for communicating with other but also felt that the self-reflection really helped…

Insightful. Useful to work. Thorough examples…

I feel my mind and eyes have been opened. And to value how important it is to take the time to get out to learn, be seen, and be…

Stimulating time out, reboot…

Refreshing, inspiring, enjoyable…

I thought we were just going to learn techniques for reflection and listening. I didn’t realize we were going to enjoy space for our own reflection. Bravo! Thanks!

Workshop Participants