“A mentor is someone you look up to in order to become like, whereas a coach isn’t there to share their skills in that way – they’re there to bring those skills out of you.”

Coaching offers a structured, creative space which supports individuals to move from ‘business as usual’ or stuck patterns and assumptions to a more dynamic, place of enquiry, reflection, action or change. Unhelpful or old patterns, processes, and ways of doing things are gently examined, new options explored and new choices are made from a fresh perspective of conscious awareness. A change in job, life circumstance or a desire to give time and space to a particular issue can bring people to coaching.

I am a ‘Relational Dynamic 1st’ coach, having trained with Deb Barnard & Rivka Rubin. I offer one-to-one coaching in person and on Skype. Coaching can be indoors or in nature. I coach people wanting to sit in chairs, I coach people wanting to walk in nature. I combine this with embodiment exercises, creative processes, meditations and future visioning exercises, according to who I am working with and what is needed. I offer one-off coaching or a series of sessions in which we can work with life issues, work issues or both.

For more information as to how Coaching might help you, contact me at fernismith @ and let’s have a conversation.

I have worked with businesses, artists, eco-entrepreneurs and community pro-activists, including with Gower Power, Volcano Theatre’s emerging artist scheme, Yr Odyn, Adventures with Horses and Awel Aman Tawe.


I have mentored many artists in the past twenty years. Mentoring can be offered on a one-off or an ongoing basis. I can work with you or your project to create a Bespoke Mentoring Programme, short term, or as part of a longer project or programme. This can be conducted indoors or outdoors, in person or online.

If you are applying for funds to run a project, create a performance or artwork, we can work together to include mentoring or coaching in advance of submitting your funding application.

Mentoring Retreats

A Residential Mentoring Retreat is also available at our home in the hills outside Machynlleth. This includes access to a library specialising in art, nature, health and leadership as well as time spent in nature, in discussion, in ceremony and in circle. These programmes can be designed according to your interests and needs and include vegetarian food and accommodation. Mentoring Retreats can be from 1 to 5 days in length.

For more information as to how Mentoring might help you, contact me at fernismith @ and let’s have a conversation.


The coaching sessions have been the most productive element of Yr Odyn and made me want to have further coaching in future. If I hadn’t had coaching I wouldn’t have considered things as much as I have.


In each coaching session, there was a goal that I wanted and needed to achieve before the next session. Between each session I had a journey to go on and then a place to come back to and a person to talk about it with. I wouldn’t have reflected on my work as much or gone as far, if I hadn’t had Coaching.


Having a space to talk freely helped me express how I was feeling and enabled me to think more objectively putting things in proportion. Being prompted by Fern to return to key subjects I’d decided to investigate helped me keep focusso I left each session with tangible solutions.